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Description : Yogmoth is a revenant minion of the Hell King. Cursed by him, he is now hunting in the cimetery of Haley every night.

Meta : First boss, designed to discover mechanics.

Static ability : Whenever a Yogmoth's créature die, you lose 1 life.


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Description : Estalan is an old cursed pirate, forced to sail constantly on the seas. With his crew they plunder all boats venturing too close to the skull island.

Meta : Second boss to discover all the mechanics of the game. Estalan is a boss based on the number of pirates and cannons (artifact) in play.

Static ability : On Estalan's upkeept each player loose 1 life point for each pirate controlled by Estalan. All pirates have vigilance

Blob knight

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Description : This alchemist nicknamed Blob Knight gives life to creatures with these potions, which he calls Blobs. But he can also turn other creatures into blobs ...

Meta : A good challenge, played with a good creature gestion.

Static ability : When the creatures of the Blob knights die, this creature mutates into blob x/x where x is the current phase number (can block immediately).