Blob knight's details

This alchemist nicknamed Blob Knight gives life to creatures with these potions, which he calls Blobs. But he can also turn other creatures into blobs ...

Meta description
A good challenge, played with a good creature gestion.

Static ability
When the creatures of the Blob knights die, this creature mutates into blob x/x where x is the current phase number (can block immediately).

Phase 1 - life : 150 or turn : 5
Blob protector - creature
Blob knight create one 0/2 blob
Chimery vial - sorcery
Destroy all player creature with converted mana cost less or equal at 2
Acide Flask - sorcery
Blob knight prepare an flask[{"triger":"When creature enter on the battlefield","effect":"This creature get x -0/-1 counter and all planeswalkers loose x point and player loose x life points, where x is an d3"}]

Phase 2 - life : 100 or turn : 11
Blob booster -
All blob have +1/+1 counter
Blob slime - creature
Blob knight create two 2/2 blob
King blob - creature
Blob knight create 2 blob 2/2 for each player and the legendary blob 6/6 with : vigilance, double strike, reach and when legendary blob die, create 3 blob 2/2
Blob stability - sorcery
If the number of blob is less than 2x (number of players), add blobs up to 2x (number of players). Otherwise, reduce the number of blob up to 2x (number of players). Blob knight gains 4 life points per blob destroy in this way
new chimery vial - sorcery
Destroy all player creature with converted mana cost less or equal at 3

Phase 3 - life : 60 or turn : 18
Liquified blob shower - sorcery
(Cant be countered) All player creatures is transform to 2/2 blob
Inblobing - Sorcery
All player is inblobing, they pass their turn
Blob back - sorcery (cant be countered)
Exhil all creatures with 2 or less toughness

Phase 4 - life : 25 or turn : 20
Big Blob invasion - creature
Blob knight create blob 4/4 with reach for each player